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Jose Girl is a visual artist born in Zaragoza, Spain, currently based in California. Her influences are what she

experiences and observes.

Describing her is describing her artwork; both are constant, crucial, precise, and alternative.

Her photography captures our attention since they are obscure and fetishist. Each image holds a notion of the sanctified, the erotic, and the aesthetic; ethereal concepts that we can access only with our imagination.

In regards of her formal aesthetics characteristics we can look at her print manipulation techniques, which are exquisite. Some images are treated with a digital effect that works as if the prints were altered by the chemical process of time. In other images, bright colors, whites and blacks, accentuate the object in focus. Another formal characteristic is her approach to the object in mind, which makes us contemplate the formal elements already mentioned.

Trough her trajectory and documental work Jose Girl has been capturing, emphasizing, and unifying the contradictions of the real and illusory. "Malinali M."

Jose Girl´s artwork have been exhibited in Spain, Germany, Mexico and United States.


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