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"Bunbury, en Plano Secuencia" is the visual story of a Rock Tour. Photographer Jose Girl shows in images the Bunbury Palosanto Tour, a journey that went through 13 countries with 55 concerts in 2014, showed from inside.

Writer Silvia Grijalba accompanies with texts, anecdotes and chronicles of the protagonists of the tour this photographic book that, in addition, has a prologue by Enrique Bunbury

Libros Cúpula, 240 pages.





"Everything has already been said about the Millennium Tour, the hello and goodbye of the greatest Spanish band of all time. There is nothing left to dig, or almost nothing. At most, the epilogue's flame, that many and many Unconditional of these four “zaragocicas” musicians keep flashing like a star between prayers and woes for their announced extinction.

The moment, now, is a memory and enjoyment. And nothing better than these images to fix the sensations and give them body. "Pablo Ferrer, 2008.




TESORO, Diario Fotográfico HDS Tour 2007,  2008.  (SOLD OUT)


More than 160 unpublished photographs of Enrique Bunbury in studio, live and on trips. Deluxe edition, high quality paper and printing.

"I have always maintained that the journey begins around the corner. But what happens when you get used to going forward, when each journey is one way and the only vision is the triangular vision of the road? The journey never ends and the traveler, let's say that he is a musician who continues and continues as if the destination point constantly changes along the way, leaving an irregular and imaginary line of points, and that line is known as a good day as a trajectory.

Enrique Bunbury lives at ease in his interpretation of this semiotics of space and rock 'n' roll. No one knows the process as the photographer Jose Girl, the woman who has accompanied him in these years. "

Bruno Galindo, 2006.




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